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Thomasville Community Resource Center (TCRC) BOOST and 21st CCLC program students
TCRC students visited our 13th Lieutenant Governor of the State of Georgia Burt Jones office and the General Assembly Office of the House of the Representatives and Senate. We had an awesome time. The kids loved it. Denese Sampson who is the Director of the Constituent Services AKA Lieutenant Governor Assistant personally invited us in because she was so amazed at how well behaved and engaged our kids were. Students learned a lot. 
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“We are continuously changing and moving in a new direction.”  --Mrs. Latonya Williams White

A 33-week after-school program that is free to students that are enrolled in a low-performing and/ or in high poverty. The program serves 244 students at 3 different locations in Thomas and Mitchell County. 21st Century programs provide academic and enrichment which will assist students with developing self-confidence, health & wellness, and homework assistance. The goal is to provide a positive, invigorating environment where students can experience art as a means of creative self-expression as well as disciplined self-improvement.

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